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" By The Power Of Greyskull ....."


It's been a year since the release of Insaniteyes and it's about time we put out some new tracks.

This time though we have decided not to release the tracks as an album, but in pairs. A bit like the old double A side, 7" vinyl, you used to get in the 80's. We have 8 songs from the 80's still not released and we want to put them out as the next bundle. The tracks are done we just need to get the Artwork completed. (You'd think that AI would help you out these days but...NO hehehehe).

We will posting the release dates shortly and the first 2 tracks will be :-


Chances are you may have heard and sang along with The Loser as we have been playing it at lots a gigs recently.


As far as merch goes we are fully stocked with T Shirts again, which is great. Running very low on patches though, so we need to get a load of new ones this time with alternative designs. Go to our ONLINE Merch Store to see whats available at the moment - Click Here

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