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Well, well well!! What a stonking first half of 2023. Busy boys at the MT HQ

We are back in the studio recording the last few songs we wrote in the 80's (that we can remember). We will be releasing these in pairs, over a period of a few months starting end September 23. There are 8 tracks to come. Once they are all out we might issue these as a CD, not decided yet.

The year so far has been very busy with gigs all over the UK. Not managed to gauge Europe yet, but we are working on it. Over the holiday period, it has given us the chance to catch up on the recording. This has been ignored this year and it's time to fix that.

We are looking for a title for the release and don't know wherether to keep the "EYES" motif going or not. Whatcha think?

The tracks are from right through the 80's too. Songs from the very start where you can hear the N.W.O.B.H.M. influence, the mid 80's where the american bands were tearing it up, and the later years where you can definitely hear the Thrash influences coming in.

We really hope to catch up with everyone this year so keep your eyes pealed and check our Live Page for gigs in your area.

Keep On Rockin'

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