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A Couple of Crackers

The last 2 weekends have been amazing. First we were playing at at the Wildfire Rockpool fest in Blackpool and them at the BROFEST (UK) #6 Fest in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. 2 absolutely fantastic gigs and supreme experiences. To the Organisers of both (Dave and Stu), We Salute You. We can honestly say the experience was fantastic.

Special mention goes to all the fans of the NWOBHM scene across Europe that we met in Newcastle. We had no idea that the scene was so popular, even a fine young lady who travelled all the way from Detroit in the USA to attend the festival. Greece, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Germany, Netherlands,

Finally, We got to see Heavy Pettin' again. (One of Gogsy's favourite bands). The guys played an absolute stormer as headliners on the Friday. This really got us in the mood for our own gig on the Saturday.

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