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New Gigs, New Friends, New Venues (and old ones)

We had the great fortune to play 3 Scottish dates with another 2 great bands. These were the great rock outfits AIRFORCE (London) and FORLORN HOPE (Liverpool). 3 dates:-

First things first. We made great new friends with the members of the other bands and I mean GREAT New Friends. The kind of friends its sad to part but really look forward to meeting up again very soon.

The 3 venues were very, very good. We all commented how good the soung guys were at the venues.

We have one more gig this year to post, but keep your eye out for AIRFORCE (Drummer ex-Iron Maiden) who shall be supporting Steve Harris's British Lion on their new tour.

We tried out a few of the new songs from our forthcoming album INSANITEYES which went down really well. More news on that to come.

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