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They are coming thick and fast ....

We are absolutely buzzing to be able to release another New (oldie) track. This time from a little later in the Medusa Touch history, circa 1985. (Still ages ago tho..right!!) 😁

This belter is called Down In The Gutter and was written by Medusa Touch when we were a 3 piece.

You can see that our influences had begun to change at this point. The harmony guitars were still there but, playing as a 3 piece, they needed to be much simpler to be played on one guitar.

There is a live version of this track recorded in 1987 which we might release.

Let us know if you want to hear these older live tracks.

The track is released on 10th May 2024, again on our own Red Predator Records. It will be available for listening on all the streaming sites and also available for download on Bandcamp. Hope you enjoy it. 🤘😁🤘

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